SB-Trading BVBA

SB TRADING BVBA is one of the most important wholesalers within FMCG in Netherlands. We have also continuously developed into a global organization with customers worldwide.
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We offer services including Shoe Repairs, Key Cutting, Trophy & Engraving, Watch Batteries & Straps, Sharpening Garden Items, Leather goods and Accessories.
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ABOUT SB TREADING BVBA Thriving in the global food market with our range of?Drinks, Sweets, & Candies, Milk Powder, etc.

At Multi World SB TREADING BVBA, we live by a goal, which is to offer great choices in healthy energy drinks and other beverages to clients that will boost their energy levels, and keep them feeling refreshed with optimal hydration, without any side effects. In our beverage category, we offer Sprite Energy Drinks, Lipton Ice Tea Energy Drinks, San Pellegrino Mineral Water, and more. These are sourced from reputed brands that tailor products to meet specific requirements of global customers. These manufacturing brands have technologically advanced set up with high performance machinery to make the best quality products as per consumer demands.

Extensive products

This is our passion. Our product categories represent a wide range of the most popular items in the border trade and includes premium products from leading producers from around the world. Our range consists of over 2,000 items and offers a wide range of the world’s most demanded food and beverages.